Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Garden as of 4-28-10

The corn is coming up!!! I always get a thrill when something
starts poking up through the ground.  It never gets old.



The back quarter of the garden. 


Could this be the shadow of the  Faulk Monster hovering over my beans?


Lots of tomatoes.  I have more to go in, as I am wanting to can this year.
If you throw some old carpet pieces down in the walkways of your garden,
it keeps the weeds back.  It is time to weed in the areas that are not covered with carpet, and pull out the flame  thrower.



Cucumbers and grass



Golden Zucchini 


Another part of the garden, mom and Alfred’s tomatoes to the left 


My Sugar Snap Peas



I am attempting to grow Rhubarb.  I have to grow it in planters or it will get plowed under
or zizzed down with the weed whacker.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our happenings…


A big hunk of this tree fell down Sunday night.  ACK!!

It originally was blocking half the road but Alfred, my stepfather, fired up the backhoe and moved it out of the way.
Here is Patrick, getting his Vanna thing on,
the hunk of tree that came down. 


As you can see, this was that big tree out at the end of  Granny’s driveway.

It has to come down now.  The tree is practically hollow.


This is where the branch used to be, which was a big as a tree itself.

If the Wizard of Oz could have it’s own version of the painting,
“The Scream,”
I think this would be it.



pollen and frog 001

The Pollen count was so high.

How high was it?

It was so high that when I walked into a tree branch,

the pollen sprinkled all over my head.


tree frog

Today I found a tree frog crawling up the corner of my home. 

Was it confused?  My house is not a tree.

Since I was absolutely fascinated by this small event,

I think I shall never be bored.

pollen and frog 005  

Time to pull out the books to learn about tree frogs…

pollen and frog 007

Easter Fun

easter cake and bagels 002

Katie and Henry Hubert, her new Sock Monkey

easter cake and bagels 003

Katie wanted bunny cake this year

Monday, April 19, 2010

How We Choose the Right


First, you must have a bag of Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips…..

then carefully place them in the CTR Pattern


But don’t leave them for too long.

Will this do for a Borg assimilation?


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tomorrow is April 16.
The Orioles should be arriving in Toad Suck tomorrow.

*from the collection of Eleanor Crabtrey. 
The date on this foto is incorrect.
Technology is not always our friend.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting Our Garden Thing On!!

garden 001

Mary, Buddy and Patrick, getting their garden thing on. 

Mary is planting tomato plants and the boys are digging holes for them.


garden 002



garden 003

 We’re putting in Mr. Stripey tomatoes, Lemon Boy Tomatoes,
some Grape tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, Black Cherry tomatoes,
Pink tomatoes, White currant tomatoes and
some red tomatoes of various types.

garden 004

Like our Pink garden tools?

A little spray paint can do wonders for your shovel!!


garden 005

Contender green beans are in,

red Chinese Long Beans

and Cranberry beans.


garden 008

We grow cucumbers in cages rather than across the gound.
We like to be able to see them.  We have regular cucumbers,
Armenian cucumbers,
Poona Keeras and Space Savers. 
I don’t have seed for Lemon cucumbers yet,
which is my personal favorite.  We have also planted Golden Zucchini.


garden 007      The red Chinese Long Beans are planted around
the Bamboo poles.

Patrick is happy to be done for the day.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Field is Brown..

field 001

The field is brown and ready for planting.