Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simon Dice (simon says)

We've been learning spanish in our household for homeschool. The boys are very excited for class. Today we were practicing action phrases by playing Simon Dice.

"Simon dice..levantanse. Simon dice levantan las monos." (stand up and raise your hands.) Patrick thought this game was pretty cool.

"Simon dice...escuchan con atencion." (listen closely) Aren't we dramatic?

"Saquen una hoja de papel con su boca." Take out a sheet of paper with your mouth.

Then I had the boys practice with each other to get accustomed to saying the phrases. When I set out a plate of graham crackers slathered in home made strawberry frosting, things changed.

Patrick grabbed one as fast as he could and immediately said to Buddy "Levante las manos!" (raise your hands!) and left him like that for a while, whimpering.

The happy victor with his hands raised. He put his cookie in his mouth just before Simon "diced" to put his hands up. And he ate it just like that, no hands.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day comes to our House

Because patience is not my strong point when it comes to giving gifts for holidaze, Valentine's Day came early this year.

Since I am my own Valentine, I found this wonderful necklace for myself at a second hand shop. I also ordered a new simple (no videos or online uploads or dishwashing--don't want it don't need it) Pink MP3 player and I will give my "old" one to my mom. She has been talking for a couple weeks about wanting one to drown out her husband's blaring television (after all these years...).

Patrick, being ever practical, wanted a 1 million candle power flashlight. He was thrilled. Happy Valentine's...

Another second hand shop find for Mary. She loves photography and took a course this past year. I found an older model 35 mm camera at a great price (I also got her 4 rolls of film). As you can see, she was so sad. We are trying to locate on owner's manual for Olympia DL2000A. Thus far, can't find one online.

Katie, our naturalist, received an Arctic Fox mommy and baby. She has named the mom Genevieve, and the baby Delwin.

Patrick taking his new 1 million candle power flashlight for a spin. (Yes, of course, our Christmas tree is still up.)

Buddy, being our King of Leisure Wear, appreciated his new Transformers knit pants. He lives in clothes like these. He's not a big fan of the new movies (they were too intense for us) he loved the cartoons and owns many of the action toys that fit together to make a bigger Transformer. (I bought these because the other choices were pants he already had or Square Bob Love Pants. I took the Transformers).

Katie made an origami valentine for me. Isn't that sweet? I love it.
And now, for Valentine's Day Sunday, the Wockenflock is speaking in Church on Love of God.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 snows Feb 2-9

Patrick found one of the Ice people

And his Ice Pony

Patrick and Ice Man

Ice and snow melting and sliding off mom's roof

My son, Patrick out in the snow without his shoes and his coat.

Patrick's Mini-gloo

Second snow came on Feb 7. Troy, Patrick and Kendal

Kendal taking aim

Troy after taking aim and before he got creamed

Yummy! Troy taking nourishment when he can

More fun than anyone ought to be allowed to have.
Troy and Patrick (about to throw)

Manna from Heaven to these boys

Hmmm.....just how DO we get this snowman together?
Troy (on snow ball), Kendal (the 6'8" one) and Buddy

They realized just HOW big they had made it so he's going to be a napping snowman... Troy and Patrick (collectively aka Tropic)

Granny's birdfeeder


Another snow guy, brought to you by, Tropic

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hip Housewares

While it is true that I LOVE this, and considered buying one,
http://www.alicesupplyco.com/ (check out the Hip Housewares)

I think I'll take my tie-dye duct tape to the one I have..... let's see..

Yup, it's done. And slightly cool, now, and I suppose needing to use it would be a pleasure. Saved myself $15 plus shipping, BUT!!! if I didn't already own one, I'd be buying from Alice.