Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 snows Feb 2-9

Patrick found one of the Ice people

And his Ice Pony

Patrick and Ice Man

Ice and snow melting and sliding off mom's roof

My son, Patrick out in the snow without his shoes and his coat.

Patrick's Mini-gloo

Second snow came on Feb 7. Troy, Patrick and Kendal

Kendal taking aim

Troy after taking aim and before he got creamed

Yummy! Troy taking nourishment when he can

More fun than anyone ought to be allowed to have.
Troy and Patrick (about to throw)

Manna from Heaven to these boys

Hmmm.....just how DO we get this snowman together?
Troy (on snow ball), Kendal (the 6'8" one) and Buddy

They realized just HOW big they had made it so he's going to be a napping snowman... Troy and Patrick (collectively aka Tropic)

Granny's birdfeeder


Another snow guy, brought to you by, Tropic

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