Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simon Dice (simon says)

We've been learning spanish in our household for homeschool. The boys are very excited for class. Today we were practicing action phrases by playing Simon Dice.

"Simon dice..levantanse. Simon dice levantan las monos." (stand up and raise your hands.) Patrick thought this game was pretty cool.

"Simon dice...escuchan con atencion." (listen closely) Aren't we dramatic?

"Saquen una hoja de papel con su boca." Take out a sheet of paper with your mouth.

Then I had the boys practice with each other to get accustomed to saying the phrases. When I set out a plate of graham crackers slathered in home made strawberry frosting, things changed.

Patrick grabbed one as fast as he could and immediately said to Buddy "Levante las manos!" (raise your hands!) and left him like that for a while, whimpering.

The happy victor with his hands raised. He put his cookie in his mouth just before Simon "diced" to put his hands up. And he ate it just like that, no hands.

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