Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jewett Family Findings

Just found out I am related to one of the knights of the first crusade~ Henri (Ohn-ree) de Juatt (serving from 1096-1099)jewett crest

~~ Mary read that our Jewetts originated from France, before settling in England. The first record we have of our Jewetts is in the late 1400's in England. King Henry VII granted to Henry Jewett the office of Forrestor of Windsor Forest and another office.   Cool.

The Family Motto is Toujours le même - “Always the same”


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Highlights of Mary’s Day

lake, mary hair and melons 011

Pulled through the dots…..

lake, mary hair and melons 012

Cooking for 15 minutes….

lake, mary hair and melons 013

She thought she looked  like the Albino from “The Princess Bride.

lake, mary hair and melons 021


My Peeps in the Garden

garden 039

Hollywood picking Sugar Snap Peas

garden 033

FINALLY able to get into the garden to till. We’ve had rains close together and with the ground here staying wet for an extended period, we can’t even get into the garden to do anything.  Today we fertilized and tilled.  The early morning sun makes everything look very yellow, I know.

garden 037

Master Flamethrower

garden 031

A “volunteer” Pumpkin growing in the cornfield….works for me….

lake, mary hair and melons 023

There’s a melon in here..somewhere ….I just know it….

Findings in the Garden

garden 008

Time to pick the beans….

garden 014

Golden Zucchini coming in….

garden 010

This is a Jumbo Pink Banana Squash plant.  Isn’t it pretty?  It’s foliage is like big umbrellas,

garden 029

And here is a Jumbo Pink Banana Squash coming in.  It’s not pink yet.  The last time I grew these my dog , Blackberry, thought it was a stick and snapped it right off……LOL…We’ll see what happens this year.

garden 028

Tomatoes turning….

garden 021

Lemon cucumbers coming in…..My favorite

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Highlights of the Day

wild life shirt and garden 235

Mom in her favorite Shirt
Support the Wildlife ~ Have a Party

Buddy wanted to go blond, so we settled for a little less drama and went for highlights.


Looks Great!!
I insisted he shave, too. The unshaven pictures made him look like a thug…  He is really pleased.

Patrick wanted highlights also…
and being the conscientious mom I am,
I got pictures…



Pulling the hair through the cap…
He didn’t like it when I accidentally poked his scalp occasionally, but I told him that was the price we have to pay for beauty …… 
he laughed.


Letting it cook a while

patrick highlights 007


Monday, May 24, 2010

Patrick fires up the Flamethrower

Flame Thrower & Patrick 001

Heading to the garden, flame in hand

Flame Thrower & Patrick 002

Carefully throwing flames….

Katie and the 1st Poona Keera Cucumber

Flame Thrower & Patrick 004

yum…. they are sweet and crispy.

Seminary Graduation

Flame Thrower & Patrick 007 

Patrick lettered again this year in Seminary.  He is so proud of his pin,  which is a set of Gold Plates.  He likes how it glows in the pictures.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Firstlings from the Garden

mouse and vegetables 003

These little beauties are a Golden Zucchini (foreground) and a Poona Keera cucumber

Not for the Squeamish

Katie, our resident artist, created another masterpiece d’ rock.

A mouse

 mouse and vegetables 001

 And the underbelly

mouse and vegetables 002

Sunday, May 16, 2010

When we play Harry Potter Clue

I realized today why it takes us so long to play a board game….This is our family, playing Harry Potter Clue. Today,  I was Ron, Katie was Ginny, Mary was Neville, Patrick was Harry, and Buddy was Hermione.  Luna Lovegood was taken prisoner by the Death Eaters. 

harry potter clue 010 

Patrick balancing his pencil which reads, Barium Colbalt Einstein Koolaid.

Our task was to find out who took Luna ( was it Draco, Peter Pettigrew, Belitrix, etc),
where they did it (Potions room, or the Great Hall, or the Room of Requirement….etc,) and with what (Vanishing Cabinet, Impedimenta, Mandrake…etc,) 

How are we doing?

harry potter clue 002

Buddy’s first suspicion was the Butler (aka Peter Pettigrew), in the Bird House (Owlery)with the broken Shoe Phone (the Portkey).  Right about here, I think, Buddy asked about Autism and how I think he and Katie got it.    (he has started to ask questions about it)  Looking back, Buddy is inoculation induced, becoming more so evident as time went on, with the 5-year shots taking him over the edge completely.   Katie was born with it. The older Buddy gets, the more social, and “normal” he becomes.  I am considering this from the perspective of the more he ages beyond his shots,  the more “normal” he becomes.  I talked about a revelation I received about the two of them and their DIFFabilities.harry potter clue 003

Oh, here we are actually playing the game and….

harry potter clue 013

…Waiting for the cat to finish her turn….

harry potter clue 001

Patrick considered Lucius Malfoy in the Great Hall with the Mandrake. 

harry potter clue 006

How we ended up here, I will never know….I think it was my turn on the board.

harry potter clue 011

Oh, good heavens!

 harry potter clue 005

Katie spent most of the time laughing her head off.

We spent most of the time laughing, telling jokes, talking about the future, Autism, missions, and played a little of the game.  We lost. Luna was toast.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The garden as of today, May…something, something


The garden is just growing and growing.  Here is just a sampling of what is going on.

Here’s a sampler of the samplings

patrick peas 002

garden may 12 001

Sugar Snap Peas, just before Patrick ate them


garden may 12 003

The first Poona Keera cucumber

garden may 12 004 

Tomatoes of some kind. 


garden may 12 005

Crawl dad holes <ick>

garden may 12 006

There will be beans!  <and bean bugs>

garden may 12 007 <yawn>  Regular cucumbers, but LOADS of them!!

garden may 12 008

The first of the White Dragon’s Egg  cucumbers developing


garden may 12 009

The first of the Golden Zucchini

more garden may 001

  16 rows of corn

more garden may 003

The back quarter

Saturday, May 8, 2010

When I think I’m failing miserably…

Sometimes I feel like I’m failing miserably at this widowhood parenting, but then I am shown how my kids are turning out.

All 4 of my kids were with me in the temple for Stake Family Temple day last August. Someone told that that was an amazing thing. I just took it for granted, but I guess it’s not that way for everyone.

Mary is busy being a live in care taker for an elderly couple in my Branch.  She’s done this before, as she helped me with her father when he was an invalid.


And here is Katie, weeding in the garden without complaining.

shovel antics 006

Here are Buddy and Patrick, cutting the grass, without  a fuss or complaining. 

gras cutting 001

And here are my…. my boys…um…Patrick is ramming a shovel through Buddy’s head….. Um…

shovel antics 005

Actually, I broke it this morning digging a hole.  For a tomato plant, okay?

shovel antics 001

What do you do with a broken Pink Shovel?  This one was the first of the Pink garden tools.

Buddy shows us what you do…

shovel antics 004