Thursday, May 13, 2010

The garden as of today, May…something, something


The garden is just growing and growing.  Here is just a sampling of what is going on.

Here’s a sampler of the samplings

patrick peas 002

garden may 12 001

Sugar Snap Peas, just before Patrick ate them


garden may 12 003

The first Poona Keera cucumber

garden may 12 004 

Tomatoes of some kind. 


garden may 12 005

Crawl dad holes <ick>

garden may 12 006

There will be beans!  <and bean bugs>

garden may 12 007 <yawn>  Regular cucumbers, but LOADS of them!!

garden may 12 008

The first of the White Dragon’s Egg  cucumbers developing


garden may 12 009

The first of the Golden Zucchini

more garden may 001

  16 rows of corn

more garden may 003

The back quarter

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