Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weird Willie bird has arrived!!

I am hearing the Weird Willie Bird!!  It’s true name is “Chuck Will’s Widow,” but with the strong accents around here in Toad Suck, even the birds are affected.  It says, “Huh! Weird Willie! Huh!  Weird Willie! Huh!  Weird Willie!” instead.  I listen and wait for the arrival of this bird (along with the Baltimore Oriole) 


The Weird Willie bird is a nocturnal, ground nesting bird which loves to sit under my bedroom window at 2 am and sing his Weird Willie song.  Their song can last up to 45 minutes.  ~~great…  but it makes me laugh.

I’ve also been seeing lightning bugs…yippie!!

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  1. Yayy! It's truly spring/almost summer with the Weird Willie Bird, the Oriole and lightning bugs!