Monday, October 19, 2009

Angelo, The Christmas Bat, by Teresa Wockenfuss for Katie

Five years, ten months and three days ago , a young Bat by the name of Angelo Fitzwidget sighed. He was not content with his lot in life, flying amongst other Bats in dark places and being stereotyped as a creepy rodent with wings.
“I must find a new place to live, “ the young Bat thought to himself. “ Life is just too precious not be happy with what you’re doing and where you’re living.” Angelo, I would suppose, possessed great wisdom for one so young, and he set off at sunset one evening in search of a new life.

He flew above the heads of some humans, seeking to fit in somewhere that did not involve feeling penned in and claustrophobic. But, to his dismay, “Ew! It’s a bat,” a young woman cried, and flung her arms around her head. The young men in the group picked up rocks and threw them in his direction, but he was small and fast, getting away without injury.

Young Angelo Fitzwidget sighed. I guess this was not the place for me, he thought to himself, but I can’t give up. I must keep searching.

One day, after searching the world in his new life, our young friend needed a place to rest. As the sun was coming up , he heard the reverberation of his radar bounce off a little white duplex with a green roof. Maybe there is a porch ceiling I can sleep on, he thought with great hope, and as luck would bless him, Angelo Fitzwidget found a bed for the day.

In the middle of his slumber a door opened and a young woman by the name of Katie stepped out. She was an extraordinary human who feared no animal, but loved all creatures with a pure love. There was room in her heart for every one. What great fortune for our fine young Bat!

“Look, Mom,” Katie called into the door, “There’s a Bat hanging from the porch ceiling!”

“Really,” said her mom, “How cool is that?! Mary, get the camera!”

“Oh, Mom, isn’t he beautiful?” Katie asked, “Can he stay forever?”

“Well, that’s up to him, Katie. You may invite him to stay.”

So our lovely Katie stayed on the porch, watching over Angelo Fitzwidget, keeping him safe from the barking dogs, Mud Dobber wasps, and flies. She cleaned the Spider Webs away from his sleeping area with her extending duster. She brought him a bowl of water in case he woke up thirsty and Angelo Fitzwidget enjoyed a long uninterrupted day’s nap because of the great comfort Katie provided for him.

Katie was the first thing he heard when his radar became active. He waited for her to scream and wave her arms around, but all he could sense was a great nurturing love.

“What is your name, Bat,” the dark-haired young woman asked.

“Angelo Fitzwidget. Are you not afraid of me?”

“Of course not,” replied Katie, “why would I be afraid of one as beautiful as you? Would you like to stay forever? “

And with that Angelo Fitzwidget knew he had found a home. Katie took him inside and let him look around, where he was delighted to see a green tree wrapped with colored lights in the middle of the living room.

“Oh, Katie, is that your Christmas tree up already? It’s only September. Most people wait much longer. I love them and think they are so beautiful. May I perch there?”

Well, Katie was just fine with that and thought his presence added to the charm of the tree.

When Angelo Fiitzwidget perched upon a branch of the artificial tree he met the Christmas ornaments. There was Mr. Prosthesis, who was missing a leg, but had a Q-Tip glued in its place, and Mr, Hernia who had something protruding out of the middle of his stomach. The Rubber Chicken dangling from the branch over his head told jokes and made him laugh. Bellerina and Ballarina danced merrily in the multi-colored lights. Pink Flamingos glowed from a string.

Angelo Fitzwidget sighed with contentment. He knew he had found a most extraordinary home, and Katie, with great care and love painted the young Bat as a Christmas Bat, called Angel, for short.


  1. oh, i had never heard the christmas bat story!

  2. Yeah, well, i made it up as I went along.

  3. what a sweet story...and you made it up as you went along? You've got talent.