Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cooking in the Fire Ring

Patrick wanted to take his new Dutch Oven for a spin on an open fire,  and so, on his night to cook…..

mushrooms and cookout 010He chopped wood, got the fire going, made some good coals, set his Dutch Oven in the middle of the coals and did some cookin’

mushrooms and cookout 018

Made Bean Pot using Baked beans, kidney beans, red beans, pinto beans, Butter beans, Maple sausage, rotel, little barbecue sauce, spicy mustard and brown sugar.

mushrooms and cookout 021 
Dinner around the fire ring. YUM!!  It was great.  We’ll cook on the fire ring more often now that the weather is cooling off.

mushrooms and cookout 025 
And then a Marsh-smellie roast, as Patrick plays his Harmonica. He’s getting pretty good with it.  The white blob above Patrick’s head is Buddy’s stick of marshmallows.

mushrooms and cookout 023 mushrooms and cookout 024

mushrooms and cookout 027

Carbon is the secret ingredient to great toasted Marshmallows

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