Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Light House


100_6989This is my unfinished version.  Decorate as you please

You need:

  • 1 -12 inch clay pot
  • 1- 8-inch clay pot
  • 1-6-inch clay pot
  • green acrylic paint
  • trim color as you desire (I used gold)
  • buttons and bows for decor
  • solar light
  • hot blue
  • sealer, if desired

Cover  your work space.  Paint your pots in desired colors

100_6972 100_6973

starting with rims.  Let dry. Stack and decorate as desired.  Spray with sealer.


You can see my original in the background.  This green one is smaller than the original.  My craft store didn’t have the 14-inch bottom pot the day I went looking,so I went the next size down.  If you want the larger pots, use 1- 14-inch pot, 1- 10-inch pot and 1-8 -inch pot.

100_6990 doubled up the buttons in some places

I also made different sized trees.

100_6988 The bottom is the 12-inch pot, and just stacked up.  I made one using a 6 inch pot, 4-inch pot and a 2 inch pot.  The star on top is a glittery Christmas  Ornament hot glued to hole in the top.

100_7019 I used smaller sized pots and a 1-inch wood ball on top, painted it yellow and hot glued a flat show flake.

Use your imagination!  Have fun!

Teresa loves the Christmas season and can be found whistling Christmas Carols in July and at Wockenflock Daze.  Her Christmas tree goes up on September 1. 

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