Thursday, June 2, 2011

We are looking Normal. again

I’ve been working in the garden, again, bring things back to normal.  The Spirit still restrains me from buying anything to put in the garden.  My mom ended up giving me 2 of her  yellow tomato plants she just bought ( as she also has to re-plant half of her garden),  and a 4-pack of Early Girl tomatoes that she never got around to planting.

garden june2 001

I have replaced the tomato plant in the pink tire with another salvaged tomato plant.  Don’t know what it is, but we’ll see.  *;-.)

garden june2 002

The above bean bed didn’t get a full dose of the chicken manure so it is doing just fine.  Now I just have to battle the bean bugs.  I have Jerry Baker’s gardening book from the library and I am going to try the home made citrus spray that he says is totally stink-a-roonie to bean bugs.

garden june2 004

Lemon cucumbers are doing great (left row)  Love those pots of marigolds!

garden june2 005

Row of Purple Zinnias with Thumbelina Zinnias growing in between

garden june2 008

This will be a tire-full of Giant Zinnias when they grow up. These are the ones I rescued from a short life in a grass choked bed.

garden june2 010

What has yet to go into the garden.  Not sure what everything is…squash? Cucumbers? Some kind of salvaged tomato?  But I DO recognize the Marigolds.

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