Saturday, November 14, 2009

Homeschool art project" Turning newsprint into Christmas wrap

Katie spray painted some Christmas Bats

Patrick and his Jackson Pollack-like creation (AFTER Buddy did his. I was scrubbing the back wall by this time from Buddy's enthusiasm. The splatter boards weren't tall enough for Buddy's strokes)

Emily's spray painted box and pretty bow made from pre-spray painted newspaper, spot painted in gold and red. Dana taught us how to make the bows.
Emily making a bow.

Dana stamped boxes and later you will see how she finished them

Rachel and Nick getting started on boxes they brought.

Darienne and me. She chose a ready-painted background to work with.

Darienne's finished product

Mattison chose a rose, silver and gold ready to paint background and added LOTS of orange! She had fun.

Darienne modeling her finished product.

Katie and her Christmas Bats

Intense concentration required. Bandana required, also.

Darienne and Rachel

Spray painted creation. Unsure of artist. Michael? Jake?

Patrick, Jake and Michael's hand doing their doings on the tarp with the spray paint.

Discussing the wonders and deep impressions of spray paint art.(Jake, Michael and Patrick)

Michael's gallery worthy sprays

Patrick and Jake discussing the next project..

Michael "in the zone."

Buddy modeling his Jackson Pollack-like creation

Darienne's box top

Emily's box top

Mary and Rachel making an origami star
out of newspaper sale fliers

Rachel's star

Dana took her boxes to the spray painting area to add a little zip! Wow!


  1. Good day. You have a nice blog. Have a nice day, Radka.

  2. love katie's christmas bats! the origami stars are just like the ones kris and i made a couple of years ago...did we leave you the design, or did you find one? what a fun day!

  3. Sharon, we bought the origami book you and Kris brought that year.

    Radka, thanks!