Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet Dreams/ Zebra Print(ce)

So I dreamed a strange dream (surprise, surprise), and in this strange dream I was waking up with my husband beside me. When he got up out of bed, I looked up, and noticed he was painted like a Zebra from his knees to his shoulders and half-way down his arms. I was surprised to see such a thing and had not yet commented when a family friend, Todd Thompson, came into our room, looked at Ray, was surprised by the Zebra look also, but got what he came for and left without saying a word. I said to Ray, "Um, maybe he thought you were wearing Zebra print clothes and not paint," because you know, I guess I was thinking that a man wearing Zebra Print Spandex is sooooooo much better to believe than having painted himself. (rolling eyes)

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