Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Not My Goat

A friend of mine went for a walk the other day. She lives out in the country, in a quiet area and just expected a normal, nice quiet time to herself. Well someone's goat started following her and even followed her all the way home. She thought she could find where it came from,so she started walking back the way she came, and the goat still followed. As she walked back the way she came, people driving on the road laughed at the sight of what looked like a woman walking her goat. She began having thoughts of "Lady get your goat out of the road! hahaha" It's not my goat! "Hey, Lady! Why don't you put your goat on a leash? ha ha ha" It's not my goat!

We began to consider some deeper meaning of that statement, "It's Not My Goat!" hmmmmm

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