Friday, March 26, 2010

milestones and mothers worries

Katie threw us for a loop today when she went off exporing by herself down in the creek bed. "Vulnerability! The mind of a child", just scream in my head as she goes off down the hill to see what she can find. This is why I am home with my disabled kids.

This is not the norm for her.....She is not an outdoorsey kinda girl. She likes her movies and her toy kitties and action figures.

I let her go, but keep an eye out for a few minutes from the top of the hill. Luckily for me she is wearing red. I decided she's fine and went off to do my own thing. After an hour of her exploring, or more, I'm not sure, I realize she has not come home yet. I call for Mary and Patrick to help me search for her because when you call for her, she will either NOT answer or answer under her breath...."What!!??" "Not answer" "I am answering." And when the vulnerable will not respond the way you need them to, it's like searching for a 2 year old who has wandered off.

Yes, we found her, way off on another part of the property (my adult nephew had seen her heading that way), contentedly dragging a couple of long tree branches behind her. I guess she is preparing for another art project. We'll watch and see what she makes. We'll notice I have to re-color my hair!!!


  1. Why we've been sailing in the same boat:) I had a few missionaries over for supper last night and my youngest son, who is THREE and has ASD, snuck out of the house and was halfway down the street. One of my neighbors brought him back. We live in a fairly quite neighborhood, but it's still quite scary. Praise the Lord, our Heavenly Father watches after our babes.

    God Bless

  2. Oh, yes, we've been there repeatedly with both my Aspies. Katie just got over it as she got older. She's 22 now, a homebody, and is just not normal for her to go off like that. Buddy, 20, would rather pace around the house now that he's older.
    I agree that Heavenly Father watches over them.