Saturday, March 13, 2010

We've got our Art Thing on!

This is a crane mobile the girls made
(for some reason, this blogger foto program distorts my fotos on upload)

Yodie the Coyote
made by Katie for her Aunt Kris,
aka Yodie the Roadie

Sharon and Kris, my sisters from Arizona, came for a visit this past week, having had to miss Christmas due to bad weather between Amarillo and Fort Smith.  Kris is a NASA geek who is so cool, she can count down from 10 and put a 4-minute hold in the middle of it. Sharon, the artist, is so cool, she can teach even the unimaginative (speaking for myself, not the kids) to explore the possibilities.
DivineShe Studio
We made art journals from treated canvas sheets (for the covers) and watercolor paper.  We used an acryllic paint on the canvas sheets and paint spritzers with stencils on the watercolor sheets. (Don't think, just do.) These are some of the covers drying in the sun.

This project was more fun than anyone ought to be allowed to have.  Here I am in deep concentration, trying not to think, and just do.  I am looking disgusted, I know, but I'm really having loads of fun.

After we made all our pages, and everything was dry, we bound our journals and added baubles. Here is mine.

Sometimes art happens by accident. Here are a few pages from my art journal. These are now ready to be embellished with my thoughts and Wockenfl~antics.

Being new at this "don't think" art, I was still too careful and went kind of light on the spritzing.

A finished page where I added a picture from a magazine

Here is the medallian from the cover of Mary's journal
The inside cover and first page
Mary got ambitious and stenciled her inside covers.She also had more fun than anyone ought to be allowed to have.

Art happens by accident.

Mary, ever our Lord of the Rings fan, began feeling inspired.

Our resident knitter..just give her a ball of yarn and knitting needles and she is happy.

More Lord of the Rings

Mary and I both want this shirt

Katie's cover--this foto absolutely does not do it justice.  She also had more fun than anyone ought to be allowed to have.

Here are a few of her pages

Patrick's cover. He now has a frog pin stuck on the front.

Some of Patrick's pages.  He was into the  warm colors on this day.

Art happens by accident again

Patrick went for the Swirls today

If any of this looked interesting, go to
DivineShe Studio,
which is the Art blog of Sharon Kennick, my sister, and notice all the fun you can have with art. These journals are discussed in the section about
Spirit Journals. 
She includes links to the instructor who taught her.
Happy Play!

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