Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Should Have, Indeed, Stayed In Bed

Upon arising this morning, I realized that I should, indeed, have just spent yesterday in bed, reading.  Everything i touched yesterday morning just turned into a mess.  (or could I say it was a Picasso day, and call it art?)

mad science

My poached eggs got full of water, my stove burner is finicky, working only when the circumstances are just so….like, the barometric pressure being just right, and the humidity can’t be above 98%, the moon must be in the 7th house and Jupiter aligned with Mars


and Love steers the stars….etc. (who is ready to belt out the next line?) I decided then that I should stay in bed and just read.  But, did I listen to myself? No. 

I did just kind of fiddle around,load ’a laundry, which required dumping the wash water into the garden because the septic is blocked between the above ground pipe and the tank itself (things are kind of ugly around here).  Luckily, we still have a bedside commode that we can put in the bathroom for times such as these.  Patrick loves the job of emptying it.

squash and bagels 003

I stayed up late (10:15 pm, mind you) canning tomatoes, being constructive, or so I thought, and ended up putting twice the amount of salt called for in my canned tomatoes, which I had forgotten to do in the first place along with forgetting the lemon juice.  So I re-opened my jars (before processing, which was good), added the lemon juice and too much salt.

canned tomatoes 001

I added a Basil leaf and a small sprig of Oregano in 2 of the red tomato jars. They sure do look pretty. Maybe I’ll enter them in the county fair, calling them, “Sea-Salted Tomatoes.”

I also remembered that I forgot to turn off the sprinkler in the garden last night.

(photo property of Ruth Lehman)

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  1. What would life be like if there was no color(art) in it? A new day is here!
    God Bless