Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garden, the second round

Well, the sun was too fierce this year for the garden to hold out for long.  I watered frequently, making my water bill nearly double the norm, but alas, it fizzled.  Even the tomatoes labeled as “heat tolerant” didn’t make it. I didn’t get any green beans at all.  The plants just burnt up from the sun.  Or the bugs ate them.  When I saw that Sevin dust kills the bees along with the bad bugs…..well, I ditched that idea. 

I had lots of volunteer tomato plants come up in the garden, so I transplanted what I could into my square foot garden and large pots.  Well, guess what?  After stirring up the soil, adding more fertilizer and more soil, lots of volunteer cucumbers came up too!!  No cucumbers are forming here, yet.  We’ll see.

hat and garden 002

So we have Gardening--the Second Round.  I put old lacey curtains over the tops of my cages to protect the plants from the harsh sun.  I placed the pots near a tree to shade them for part of the day.  The tomato plants are tall, little leggy, but producing!!

hat and garden 005

  I love Black Cherry tomatoes and white Currant tomatoes.  I now know what does well in this climate.

hat and garden 006

I don’t know what kind of cucumber is growing here, yet.  I think this is a Poona Keera. The skin turns brown instead of green when it’s ready.

hat and garden 003

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