Friday, August 13, 2010

Patrick’s 16th Birthday

He woke us up at 6 am so he could open his presents first thing.  We packed everything in big boxes because Patrick has a tendency to figure out what’s in the packages days before his birthday and it loses all the fun. We packed little things in big boxes and big things in small boxes.  *;-.)

Patrick's birthday 001 Patrick's birthday 002
Rattle, rattle….Fra—gee—lay..wonder what that means?

Patrick's birthday 003

Guitar Thumb Picks!!

Patrick's birthday 004 Patrick's birthday 005 Smoke on the Water sheet music  (who remembers that one? Even my 77-year old momma likes Smoke on the Water)

Patrick's birthday 006

Guitar Rock Classics~  I was listening to this music when I was his age…

When he expressed an interest in Iron Man sheet music, I thought he said Cast Iron…so I bought him a Cast Iron Dutch Oven…

Patrick's birthday 010

The only 16-year old I know who can be happy about receiving cookware for his birthday. 

Patrick's birthday 016

Mary got it right..Iron Man Sheet Music

Patrick's birthday 013

It doesn’t look like it, but he really was happy about receiving 10,000 bb’s for his birthday.  He and the guys from church are having a battle today (yes, lots of goggles will be involved). The girls were invited to battle too, if they wished…

Patrick's birthday 015

YES!!  Camo Duct Tape!!!

Patrick's birthday 017

After opening presents…. some of that stuff was heavy….He really *did* ask for the Cast Iron Dutch Oven. He’s a big scouter.

Patrick's birthday 018

Looks like someone else was interested in Iron Man.  He snatched it up before Patrick got to his guitar…
Then Katie turned on the song, “Sixteen Candles,” just for her bro…  It was cute.

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