Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fabric Strip Rag Doll

                                                               doll 001                                              Doll I made  using Batiks

    Looking for something to make to commemorate Pioneer Day in July?  We have just the thing. My 16-year old son came home from Trek with an adorable fabric strip rag doll that he had made in a workshop one day.  He was so proud.  (Thanks to Sarah H. for teaching him)

chrismas doll 001

                Patrick’s Christmas-y doll he made on Trek


  • For the body: 20 strips of fabric, 1 -1/2 inch wide, in as many colors as you wish, cutting the full 44-inch width of fabric.  (You may trim the length at the end as you desire. I just left mine long)
  • For the arms: 10 strips of fabric, coordinating with the dress, 1 1/2 inches wide, 16 inches long.  I just took 5 strips, folded them over to make 10 and cut.
  • For the head:  4 extra strips of fabric (color doesn’t matter, as they will not show)
  • narrow scraps to tie at head, neck, waist and cuffs.

I have selected Batik prints for my doll.

To begin, stack your fabric strips evenly.rag doll 001

Lay them on a flat surface (yes, my flat surface really is a tie-dyed damask table cloth).rag doll 002

Find the middle and tie with a narrow strip of matching fabric.rag doll 003


Roll 4 strips of scrap fabrics into a ball, forming the head  (I neglected to measure the size. Sorry.  It fits in the palm of your hand).rag doll 006

Tuck the ball under the tied middle of your stack of fabrics.

rag doll 008

Begin closing fabrics around the ball to cover.   rag doll 009  rag doll 010 rag doll 011

When you are satisfied with the coverage and the look, form a neck with a narrow strip of fabric and tie off.rag doll 013

Choose 10 fabric strips , 1 1/2 inches wide, for the arms. (I selected 5 and folded them over to make 10.)   Cut so their full length is 16 inches long.rag doll 016

Stack them evenly in an order that suits you, if order is what you want.rag doll 017 

Lay your doll “face up.”  Lift half the fabric strips of the doll and lay your arm stack inside, below the neck.rag doll 018

If you wish, as this step is optional, tie the arm strips in place using a strip of fabric from the doll body in front of the arms and a strip from the fabrics behind the arms (note the two tightened green strips).rag doll 019

Replace the “doll front”  fabric strips over the arm strips. Tie off each “sleeve” with a narrow strip of fabric.rag doll 023

Tie a waist with another narrow strip of fabric.rag doll 026

Tug at sleeves to “poof” them, if desired. rag doll 028

And we are done!!doll 001

Have Fun!!   Wouldn’t these be lovely made up in seasonal colors?

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  1. very cool, Teresa. Going to make these with my girls on a "I'm bored" day!