Friday, July 15, 2011

Gardens in July


Lush!!  Cantoloupe plants growing in with the yellow Zinnias, Purple zinnias in teh back ground, chinese red noodle beans growing up the poles.  Pumpkin growing next to the blue tire which is housing a pot of Rose Moss and lots of tomato plants in the background.


Chinese Red Noodle Beans


These are so fun to grow!!

Sun and Moon guardians of the Garden100_7584

Knik-nak  planter I found at a flea market now holding Rose Moss 100_7585

The big picture.  I could look at my garden all day.100_7587


I thought this was a volunteer Butternut squash but the leaves weren’t quite right!  Pumpkin!!!  Yahoo!!


I love this Bee Balm!  It reminds me of fireworks!100_7608

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