Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Because the Holiday is Just Too Lovely to Enjoy For Only 1 Month


I love Christmas Trees. I do. They cheer me, bring me joy, and lift my spirit.

Back when I was a normal person who even considered social norms, our family used to wait until the first weekend of December to put up the tree (Having children on the Autism spectrum taught me to throw social norms out the window).But, the year came when I just couldn't wait till December, so we put it up just before Thanksgiving. Then the next year the kids just started asking about it in October (I am easy to convince on this subject), so it went up just before Halloween for years after with just the lights (but waiting until Thanksgiving to put the ornaments on). And then it stayed up for months after Christmas, usually April, sometimes May.
The Holiday is just too lovely to enjoy for only one month.
Then we moved to Arkansas and, truly, normal became only a setting on a washing machine. My husband was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and our world was turned upside down.
Well, the person who is not going to recover from an inoperable brain tumor gets everything they want, as far as I am concerned, so on September 1, 2004, before my husband died (May 2005), he asked for the tree to go up rather than wait till the end of October. So up it went; anything to bring him peace and contentment in his adversity. And it was Christmas day, every day, until he died.
So, now, my friends, it goes up when the time feels right.
Merry Christmas!! God bless us, every one!

charlie brown


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