Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer so far

We’ve been having a busy summer with gardening, working, drawing, harvesting, knitting, art projects…..

garden july 007

This is the garden in mid-July.  We’ve got lots of volunteer okra that comes up every year.  Using painted tires as planters added such fun and color to the scenery.

garden july 004

The yellow zinnias are a stand out sight this year.

birthday and monster melon 001 Katie and the monster melon

The cantaloupes were monstrous!!  I used compost this year in my garden. Funny thing, about compost.  Most of what went into my garden were volunteers that grew from the compost. 

doll 001 I made fabric strip dolls with the kids and moms (and even the Branch President) at our Pioneer Day celebration at church.

ukelele 003 Patrick ordered a Ukulele this summer and has been having nothing but fun!

Gloves & Jam 003 Mary learned to knit two gloves at once on circular needles and has been knocking them out fast.

Gloves & Jam 007

She is trying to get ahead with the autumn- colored fingerless gloves. They are her biggest seller every fall and winter.

Patcha's IPod 014

We had my birthday.  I made a yellow cake with home made orange frosting.

birthday and monster melon 004

Mary knitted a pair of socks for me.  Love them!!

birthday and monster melon 002

My mom came to see me on my birthday.  *;-.)  Bad Granny!

Gloves & Jam 001

I have been making lots of Peach Vanilla jam and lots of Strawberry Peach jam.  Yum!!

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  1. Looks like you have a great family. The doll is very cute, I would love to know how you make it.