Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Greener

going green

Well, I have learned that I have enough reusable bags for those days when my grocery cart is full!!  One day, recently, at the checkout, the girl just came unglued when I had my own bags and she totally forgot how to bag. I am not kidding.  It, like, paralyzed her mentally.  I bagged it all myself.

Kroger grocery stores gives you a 3c credit for every re-usable bag you bring. They can handle it.

I have bought Stainless Steel water bottles (we avoid aluminum for autism reasons) for everyone in my family in an effort to do away with plastic throwaways. 

water bottles 001

l-r Buddy’s, which says, “you’re gonna need a bigger boat”
Mine, which is bronze colored, Kaie’s is Royal blue and Mary’s is Dark Rose.  Patrick has his water bottle with him at Scout Camp—Camo patterned, naturally.

No curbside recycling in Toad Suck.  Not sure if we even have a re-cycling center here in Arkansas.

I have considered bringing a brown paper bag for those days when I happen to get something from the deli counter in an effort to avoid the plastic bags which litter the earth.  Yes, I could make my own deli, but, chicken and turkey don’t come in big boneless hunks to cut on your meat slicer. 

I am also looking at some mesh bags for produce. There is a set of 5 for $11. 

mesh bags

Now I could probably make them, but, dang, it’s one more thing to do!!

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