Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Katie’s Birthday, June 7

katie's birthday 001

Katie loves to open her presents.  Yes, the Christmas Tree is STILL up (this is our record so far) and we placed her gifts under the tree over night.

katie's birthday 004

We have gone a little green, decorating newspapers for gift wrap.  We had lots of fun decorating boxes and newspapers for Christmas at a Homeschool group activity.

katie's birthday 012

Proud of her cake and  choices of candles; one squiggly candle for a good year.

katie's birthday 015

Patrick holding a sheet of paper over the AC vent.  LOL   See, we had to take Katie's birthday cake into the kitchen to light the candles because the ac vent kept blowing our our matches. We got them lit, started toward the dining room, singing “happy birthday”  to Katie, set it down on the table and the AC blew most of the candles out!   LOL
Start over…

katie's birthday 016

A soft gentle breeze….but it needed more now that she is older

katie's birthday 017

blowing a little harder (no help from the AC vent)

katie's birthday 019

She wears her birthday crown all day long.

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