Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Buddy’s Lego Transformer

One of Buddy’s favorite pastimes is to build transformers out of his collection of Legos.

buddy and lego 001 buddy and lego 002

Here we have his creation, which always must have a face.

leggos 001

And now the transformation begins….

  • swivel the hands in

leggos 002


  • flip the arms up and snap together

leggos 003


  • swivel armor plate up to hide face

leggos 004 


  • snap legs together

leggos 005


  • “push thighs down into legs”

leggos 006


  • push “hip bones down into legs” and we have our ship.

leggos 007

I really like the handlebars.

leggos 008 

Great job, Buddy!

And, yes, that is a tie-dye damask tablecloth underneath it all.

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