Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our House, Saturday, March 26

The YSAs in our house invited a couple of YSA friends over for an afternoon of fun and food.  Momma baked bread and made soup.


Mary is teaching Chelcy to knit.

saturday 003

Thomas found the “Pirates of the Caribbean” chess set and the boys started to play.

saturday 005

Thomas won, despite Patrick taking most of the pieces that Thomas likes to play with the most.  “Don’t you hate it when your favorite toys get taken away?”,  I asked.

saturday 006

Katie had been working on another Viking helmet and started painting today.

saturday 008

Buddy plays piano for us while all this is going on.  He challenges the winner of the chess game.

saturday2 001

Chelcy is so proud of herself, as she IS learning to knit.

saturday2 005

It is getting easier!!

saturday2 006

Katie is almost done.

saturday2 007

Thomas says, “One wrong move and you have my queen!!”

saturday2 008

“Really?  How is that?”, asks Buddy.

Knitting Lessons 015

After a while, Buddy and Chelcy play together the medley of “The Army of Helaman” and  “As Sisters in Zion.”  We filmed it on our camera, but our computer doesn’t like the file.  We’ll keep trying to put it up.

Knitting Lessons 003

Chelcy is really getting somewhere with her knitting.  Mary is thrilled with her progress. Who’s got happy girls?

video and helmet2 005

Katie’s finished Viking helmet!

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