Friday, May 20, 2011

painted tires

I’m trying something new in the garden this year.  I got the idea of painting old tires from a magazine I bought, where the tires were turned inside out hand painted with designs.  Well, turning tires inside out was not going to be a happening thing here, as my tires are tougher than I am.  I liked the idea of maintaining the tread design and  decided to just spray paint them.  Voila!

Garden 5-16 03

Terra Cotta spray paint with a dusting of  “Sparkling Canyon” (kinda bronze)


Dark Green spray paint with a dusting of Aluminum, holding rescued tall zinnias.  I love zinnias in the garden.  They’re so cheerful.

 tires and garden 003

Dark Pink with a dusting of “Sparkling Canyon”  This foto does not do it justice.  This one is holding a yellow tomato plant

tires and garden 002

Periwinkle spray paint with a dusting of Aluminum.  This one got a base coat of white first.  This one will probably hold Cleome flowers.


  1. I've still got a tire my 19 year old did when he was 11 or 12. It's keeping some pineapple mint corralled. If you want to turn them inside-out they need to be just about worn slick and as soft on the sidewalls as you can find. You have to cut into the inner rim on one side of the tire to give it some ease. The modern steel belted tires are difficult to do. Folks used to cut a saw tooth or petal pattern in the inner rim. They came out looking like a wide flat vase when they were flipped.

  2. I have some tires for just such a project. I thought it would be a great way to have a hill of watermelon, zucchini or other squash for example. We used to have a neighbor when I was a little girl and she had painted tires in her yard with flowers in them.

    I like the colors you chose. Looks like you were having fun!