Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Salvaging what I can

In an effort to participate in the salvaging of a severely damaged relationship, I followed some bad advice. I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, this person would be right.  He wasn’t.  The result is that most of my garden is dying.


So I am digging up the tomato plants that can be salvaged and I will transplant survivors into another part of the garden.

I am sorry because the garden was doing great since I was using my compost this year.

The blessing is that the Spirit restrained me from buying anything for the garden, as by now I have usually spent at least $100 on plants and new seed.  What I planted this year was seed I’d had around for a while,  and volunteer tomatoes, cucumbers and squash from the compost heap.  I did spend $6 on unusual tomato plants and those look like they just might make it. 

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