Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rain on the Garden

Today we’ve received some much needed rain, if you can believe that, after all the storms, tornados and flooding we’ve had here, but it is true, my garden needed some good, fresh water, straight from the cloud.  

tires and garden 007 
I grabbed my black umbrella with the red satin roses sewn on, and just stood on the edge of the garden, looking at everything..

tires and garden 008 
…taking in all the deep greens and the dark brown of the wet soil.

tires and garden 009 
It all just looks so pretty,

tires and garden 010 
and new, soaking in the rains.

tires and garden 011 
Purple zinnias are starting to bloom.

tires and garden 012 
I love the tall marigolds here at the edge of a bed of green beans.

tires and garden 015 
Chinese Red Noodle beans were the first to sprout.

tires and garden 006 
The whole picture as of 5-20-11.  Can you believe its the 20th of May already?!

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