Monday, February 7, 2011

How Katie Shares the Gospel

Many of you know that Katie carefully selects which of her stuffed animals, toys and  critters go into her basket to take to church on Sunday.  I noticed one day that, when we sing, Katie will hold a critter or two so they can see the hymnbook, also.

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  1. How sweet!
    My ASD son is 12. Wondering what type of things (besides critters) do you allow in "her basket"? Always looking for ideas to help keep my son happy, quiet, and reverent. Usually something to draw on/with does the trick...

  2. She mostly takes whatever stuffed animals or "action figure" that appeal to her on any given day, such as, Care Bears, Beanie Babies, Lord of the Rings figures, etc. They all remain reverently in her basket until the adults ask to see what she's brought that day. She does own all the YW bears "Faith" "Divine Nature" "Individual Worth" etc., which she took for quite a while. She'll take holiday themed critters, or a new one that she's just received. Most likely she'll take her small stuffed "Toothless" from How To Train Your Dragon. Other than that, she reads scriptures during Sacrament meeting and then does Word Find pages.