Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Found Mr. Prosthesis!! He Lives!!!

(written in December but posted in Feb)

Seven years ago, when we moved to Arkansas, my mom gave us a box of old ornaments to put on our tree (all of this is a long story in itself).  Among these ornaments was a one-legged man.


We took pity on him, certain we could give him new life.  We replaced his missing leg with a  Q-tip and gave him the name of Mr.  Prosthesis.  We put him on the tree with Bellerina, Ballarina, Mr. Hernia (whom  you will see later), the rubber chicken (which is the representation of my extended family) and many more. 

One year, we couldn’t find our box of ornaments.  We were certain he had accidentally gone into the burn pile along with the box of other favorite ornaments.  We were very sad.  BUT!! this week  we found him!  in a box, buried deep in the attic!.  He Lives!!!


His artificial leg had been through quite the ordeal, so it was time for a replacement.


We invited Mr. Hernia, who was also found in the long lost box, to come along for moral support.


First we needed to gently bend back the old leg…


…and then snap it right off!! By the smile on his face,  Mr. Prosthesis appears to be doing very well, so we shall proceed…... ………to replace the old Q-tip…..


  … WITH A HOOK!!!

We opted for a less invasive surgery,clip_image007

covered the screw with beads and hot glued him back together.


Mr. Hernia visits Mr. Prosthesis in recovery.  Vital signs are good, outpatient surgery went well and his new leg should hold up much better.


we considered adding beads but decided against it.


Time to go hang out on the tree with Mr. Hernia, the Rubber Chicken, Bellerina, Ballarina and all the others, Formerly Known as The Lost Ornaments.

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