Saturday, February 26, 2011

Viking Helmet

this post is in conjunction with my next blog post on the Latter-day Homeschooling Blog scheduled for March 21,2011
Katie is studying Vikings right now and as she likes to dress up in character, she decided she needed a helmet.
viking fotos and stuff 014

You need:
  1. a large balloon
  2. measuring tape
  3. 2 cups flour and some water for Paper Mache paste - use a bowl that has a lid, as you’ll need this for a couple of days.
  4. strips of newspaper 
  5. a bowl large enough to support the balloon
  6. scissors
  7. lightweight cardboard, such as cereal boxes or something a little heavier
  8. newspaper to make horns if desired
  9. masking tape
  10. hot glue gun
  11. white paint for priming
  12. choice of paint colors for helmet
  13. “jewels” for decoration (opt.)
Measure the circumference of your head, and blow up your balloon so it is a little bigger than the head.  Tie it off.
Place it in your bowl so it stands upright, tied end down.  Mix the 2 cups of flour with enough water to make a paste (it was enough to make 3 coats of paper mache)
viking fotos and stuff 005
Dip a strip of newspaper into the paste, run it between your fingers to remove excess paste, and place it on the balloon. Repeat this process until you have made your first coat of paper mache in a helmet shape around the balloon.  Allow to dry.  It may take a few hours or overnight.
viking fotos and stuff 006
Repeat this process until you have made 3 coats.  Allow to dry.
Remove the helmet from the balloon, popping the balloon if necessary, and trim the edges to be even, cutting it down to size, also, if it is too long.
viking fotos and stuff 008
Cut cardboard strips to go around the rim and across the top of the helmet. (Katie used cereal box cardboard across the top and a sturdier cardboard from another box around the rim) Hot glue in place.  Allow to set.  viking fotos and stuff 009
Draw wings on cereal box cardboard and cut them out.  Hot glue them to the sides of the helmet. If you prefer, shape horns out of newspaper, twisting them into shape and secure their shape with masking tape. Hot glue them in place. Click here for the helmet with horns
viking fotos and stuff 010
Paint the helmet with white paint as a base coat, to cover the newspaper print.  Allow to dry.  Paint another coat, if necessary.
viking fotos and stuff 013 viking fotos and stuff 015
Paint the helmet in desired colors and decorate with “jewels,” or other  ornaments, if desired (see top photo for Katie’s design). 
Be sure to have fun!

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  1. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing. We're studying vikings right now, and my kids will get a kick out of this.